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黑龙江省福彩p62开奖 Working for Guinness World Records is a job like no other.

Here some staff members from across the company’s global offices recount some of their incredible experiences working for the global authority on record breaking.

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My most memorable Guinness World Records moment came while adjudicating an attempt in Hikone, Shiga, Japan, for the Most instruments used in a piece of music.

The attempt was organised by school teacher Kuniko Teramura and her students, who played 'It's a Small World' during the performance. It took place just three months after the big Tohoku earthquake. The region, and in particular, its children, were suffering from the loss of around 16,000 people, while the fear of aftershocks and invisible radiation was very much apparent.?

I felt very honoured to represent the company during an event that really helped a group of youngsters who had endured so much.?

Carlos Martinez,?Director - Latin America

Without a doubt, the most memorable experience I’ve had at Guinness World Records was spending time with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.?

Not only did he accept my invitation to come meet the team at our London HQ – where he posed for countless selfies and signed albums – but I got to be his guest at the World Music Awards that year.?

He insisted that I present his record certificate for Thriller (best-selling album) on stage, so with the help of a glamorous assistant – you might have heard of her: Beyoncé Knowles! – I went up on stage, handed over the certificate, and joined in a verse of “We Are The World”. You could say that I sang on stage with Michael Jackson in his last ever public performance.

Craig Glenday,?Editor-in-Chief?

My favourite moment would have to be getting Sultan Kosen, the world's tallest man, to pose for some fully lit portraits on Broadway just outside the Flat Iron building with the Empire State building in the background in the middle of the day.?

Add to this that we insisted on getting a yellow taxi cab onto the pavement and needed five policemen to control the growing crowds as Sultan emerged from his car.?

Later on we managed to get some other shots of Sultan hanging out with some previously unsuspecting basketball players on a classic outdoor court in Manhattan. A very intense but ultimately amazing day.

Michael Whitty, Head Of Pictures and Design

There are far too many to mention in one story - but a recent adjudication I did really sticks in my mind for the way it made me feel. I went to Poland to adjudicate a record attempt for the ‘Most bodies painted simultaneously’. “No problem”, I thought to myself, having lost count of the number of adjudications I’ve done over the years at Guinness World Records. The record attempt was great, but it then became clear that I would be announcing the result live on the main stage at one of the largest festivals in the world in front of approximately 250,000 people and live on national television.?

Never in a million years did I imagine I would be given the opportunity to do something on such a huge scale like that and to say I was nervous was an understatement, but in the end my ‘official adjudicator’ head took over and it went great. The feeling of being up there with everyone’s eyes and ears on me was unbelievable and something I’ll never forget.

As a result, any remaining uncertainties I may have had about what I am capable of when I am required to do something have long since gone - it was totally empowering.

Louise Toms,?B2B Product Marketing Manager - Live Events

I have had many amazing moments since working with GWR but my experience during the GWRLIVE! MineCon event really stands out. This was the first time we launched our new LIVE! show on the general public, with thousands of challengers participating over the weekend and eight new Guinness World Records titles being broken during the event.

We entertained huge crowds of people whilst creating amazing memories for the MineCon audience and it really encompassed everything that is great about GWRLIVE!

Alan Pixsley,?Senior Projects Manager

I have so many incredible memories from working at Guinness World Records. I’ve also been lucky enough to travel the world and meet so many amazing people – my favourites are meeting the Queen (and having to learn how to curtsey), showing Michael Jackson around the office and meeting Michelle Obama at the White House.?

For the 2009 USA book launch I spent a week with Sultan Kosen, the Tallest man living. ?After looking up surrounded by the giant buildings in Manhattan, he told me it was the first time he ever felt small.?

I had just moved to my favourite city in the world, and standing up there on the roof at the Rockfeller centre with the tallest man, I literally felt on top of the world!?

Sam Fay,?SVP Global Brand Strategy

Around the time of Guinness World Records opening its China office I was invited to Shanghai to present Jackie Chan?with his certificates for his two Guinness World Records titles and got to spend a great day with him.?

During a photo shoot, I stood on his left and my colleague Blythe Fitzwiliam on his right, each of us holding one certificate. We took some photos and then, with no warning, Jackie said “These are mine!”, grabbed the certificates and made two almost imperceptible moves, the first pushing me out of shot to the left and the second pushing Blythe to the right.?

By the time we steadied ourselves, he was busy doing kung fu poses with his two certificates, giving us an iconic shot of the region's biggest star.?

Rowan Simons,?President, Greater China

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