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Years spent working with all sorts of big brands, small businesses, corporate names and charities have shown us that everyone has their own aims. We work to create inspiring, authentic successful marketing campaigns that touch and move people, producing record-breaking solutions that add value to ROI and create content that's watched, shared and remembered.

We work with clients to amplify their brand marketing strategies for a variety of purposes, find out more about how we can inspire you.

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Our creative team will integrate your key messages and brand values to deliver innovative marketing ideas that engage your audience with authenticity, leaving a positive and lasting impact.

Those who execute a Guinness World Record creative marketing campaign will benefit from:

  • Guinness World Records Brand Usage: Make it official with the power of our word mark and official logos. Our brand identity has been designed to represent the amazing emotions of record-breaking. Depending on your campaign objectives, the Guinness World Records? Official Attempt and Record Holder logos can be used across all your communication channels and touchpoints to ensure maximum outreach.
  • The Official Adjudicator: There’s nothing quite like the prestige a Guinness World Records? adjudicator brings. You’ll be introduced to your adjudicator well ahead of your record attempt. On the day, they’ll immediately verify your attempt and present you with your certificate, helping to create an attention grabbing, headline-worthy spectacle.
  • An Account Managed Service: Every record experience is unique, that’s why our dedicated account managers will support you throughout your entire record-breaking journey. From choosing the right record, through to making your application, they’ll be with you every step of the way.
  • Creative Record Consultancy: We love to get creative. So much so, there’s a team full of creative like-minded individuals at Guinness World Records. We’re here to provide you with cutting-edge brand marketing solutions that make the very best of record-breaking.

Thanks for being so officially amazingly great to work with. It’s been a real pleasure all the way along. Thank you from me for making it hopefully the biggest and most successful St Patrick’s Day’s ever.?

— Mark Jarman, Guinness Global Marketing Manager at Diageo

We strived hard and always aimed to produce the world’s best battery. Because of this effort, EVOLTA has continuously been the world’s No.1 for seven years since being first certified by Guinness World Records. I want to express my pleasure in Panasonic achieving our Guinness World Records titles, and my deepest gratitude to all the members of our team who were involved in the making of EVOLTA.

— Mitsutoshi Shigeta, Energy Device Business Division Director at Panasonic Corporation Japan

We really wanted to create a campaign that was as world class as the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and Guinness World Records was the perfect fit.

— Martine Ainsworth-Wells, Marketing Director at London & Partners
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