Highest Sandcastle Built To Promote Community Engagement

黑龙江p62技巧:Community engagement & tourism marketing activities

黑龙江省福彩p62开奖 www.fhk66.cn Whether you want to promote community engagement, tourism, celebrate culture, endorse a local service, or just need tourism marketing and development ideas - record-breaking creates unique, engaging experiences that enable a whole community to become record-breakers.

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Why engage your community through record-breaking?

It’s in our nature to make a spectacle of the everyday, from the Largest gathering of Wally/Waldu, to the Largest superman dance – the list is endless.

In our experience, big things get noticed and our mass participation records are BIG things, attracting huge crowds and drawing in the eyes of the world on your community.

Villa Mix is a traveling festival that takes place in Brazil’s major cities. With this amazing feat and the Guinness World Records recognition, as being the largest stage rig, we were able to promote our Brazilian music festival across the planet. Today we made history and Villa Mix has become one of the biggest music festivals in the world.?

— Marcos Aurélio Araújo, CEO at Villa Mix Festival

Arrowhead Stadium is near and dear to all of our hearts and we want to reclaim it’s reputation. Reclaiming the Guinness World Records title for the Loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium is very meaningful and gives all of us a strong sense of pride. It’s a rare way that we as fans have an opportunity to make franchise history.

— Connie Jo, group member at Kansas City Chiefs

At Emaar, we are committed to promoting innovative enterprises that also contribute to sustainable development. By hosting the Innovation Hub at Burj Park, with the goal of achieving a new Guinness World Records title, we are highlighting our support to the goals of the United Arab Emirates Innovation Week and adding to the civic pride of our nation.

— Ahmad Al Matrooshi, Managing Director at Emaar Properties

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