Guinness World Records Live Events

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Specifically designed to attract and entertain a passing audience, Guinness World Records experiential events are perfect for the likes of shopping centres, festivals, sporting events and corporate hospitality looking for live, family-friendly engagement. They allow people to practise, attempt and even break real record titles in real time.

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Why engage the public with live marketing events?

Our publicity stunt ideas are fun, fast and the records are deliberately accessible to everyone, making it a dynamic and playful way to attract and entertain passers-by, which also captures media attention. Our expert events team will work with you to create a series of customised experiential activities which pull in crowds, but also communicate your key marketing messages effectively to ensure relevant yet enjoyable record titles for the target demographic.

A high-energy, hands-on live engagement marketing event can be adapted for indoor or outdoor scenarios. As part of the package, Guinness World Records provides:

  • Overall event design, record selection and testing, support on recruiting and training of key staff, project management pre/during and post-event, as well as live adjudication at the event and licensing of the Guinness World Records wordmark and logos.
  • The whole package can be operated as either a turnkey (off the shelf) or a customised engagement marketing? experience designed to fit your business needs.


Live record-breaking stations can be accompanied by Guinness World Records in the form of themed picture opportunities, seaside style cut-out pictures and backdrops with fun props. These offer unique photo opportunities for visitors to capture and share with friends.

It was a brilliant activity. The customers loved it and there was a steady level of interest throughout the day. We are so thrilled that we managed to get a new Guinness World Records title holder too… what a great memory and accolade to come from our Birthday celebrations!?

— Alex Caley, Marketing and Events Manager at Meadowhall Shopping Centre

What a fantastic event! The team here had a wonderful time working with the Guinness World Records team and putting together a great event which was enjoyed by many of our guests. We are already looking forward to next year's event and hope that we can smash even more world records!?

— Judi Miles, Entertainment & Events Manager at Stageworks Worldwide Productions - Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The Guinness World Records Live! event triggered the enthusiasm of the audience, and attracted thousands of people. I think we can hold more activities like this in the future, to bring lifestyle experiences to more consumers and let them experience the brilliant results!?

— Zhao Jianmin, PR Manager of New Bora at FAW-Volkswagen

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